4th Industry Revolution

4th Industry Revolution

4th Industry Revolution

By WebProBiz Solution Team |18 January 2017

Which Era Are We In Right Now?

1st Industrial Revolution

1820s which began the new chapter of the first industrial revolution. It begins with mechanizing in production, aims to move from hand production to machines, new chemical & iron manufacturing processes are being introduced, increased the use of steam power to boost productivity. The main industry that was benefited is textiles.

2nd Industrial Revolution

Fast forward to end of 19th century, the second industry revolution came up. It established machine tool industry, introduced the idea of using interchangeable parts in manufacturing, factories are going thru electrification in their production line in order to mass produce products. This was the time iron & steel industry was largely emphasized.

3rd Industrial Revolution

In the 1980s, it is the beginning of information age, a new chapter towards the third industry revolution - digital revolution. This time, mechanical and analogue electrical technology had changed into digital electronics technology. High adoption on digital computing and various communication technology. The idea for this revolution is emphasize on moving the economy into a paperless economy.

4th Industrial Revolution

Recently in the World Economic Forum, information on forth industrial revolution was spread. It has been said that the forth industrial revolution is built on top of the third industrial revolution which eliminate the barrier between physical world and digital world. In this case, emerging technologies such as self-drive car, nanotechnology and 3-D printing are introduced but not being widely used by public. Artificial Intelligence has been the emphasis in this era. In the movie “Iron Man”, the artificial intelligence system “Jarvis” who have the capacity to control every appliance in the living space which inspired people to move towards a concept of “smart home”, the concept of one device control all.

Now, we would like to bring this into a business context. In manufacturing point of view, how does such technology able to value add in business? Automation in machinery is unavoidable, lesser amount of control is required by human, all the data from each individual machine are being consolidate into 1 screen hence easier to foresee faulty part in machine, higher precision in manufacturing as data are being communicate between each machine. Most importantly, such enabling such automation can allow minimum human input with maximum production, hence productivity increased. Organization able to look into a more refined picture to identify problems as everything are in quantitative mode.

Today, we would like to introduce a concept of Smart Enterprise. Being a smart home which helps you to control all of your home appliance within a single device. Being a smart enterprise, it allows you to have fully automated process from end to end, from sales to order fulfillment. Imagine if today, if anyone were to buy from your business, what do they need is just place their order via your website, without you to do anything, the system automatically input into your ERP system for accounting, logistics and inventory purposes. All you need to do is monitor the transaction between you and your client while everything has been done for you. Moreover if you are implementing IoT in production, everything is automated from front to back which it fulfilled the vision of being a smart enterprise which everything will be run by technology and human will only play a supervision role.

Some may object which machine will eventually take over human role. However, from an enterprise point of view, is someone were to help you run a business 24/7/365 without rest, more accurate precision, faster speed, cheaper cost from sales to production. Wouldn’t it be aligned with company’s goal to bring down their cost of production and become an unfair competitive advantage for them?

Imagine 5 -10 years from now, do you think will B2B world changed in the way how transaction is being conducted?

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