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4th Industial Revolution

Being a smart enterprise, it allows you to have fully automated process from end to end, from sales to order fulfillment. Imagine if today, if anyone were to buy from your business, what do they need is just place their order via your website, without you to do anything, the system automatically input into your ERP system for accounting, logistics and inventory purposes...

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Case Study On B2B E-Commerce Implementation

B2B E-Commerce wasn’t new in the marketplace, as before B2B E-Commerce existed, there is B2B integration to help digitizing commerce transaction, after B2B E-Commerce existed in the market, companies started to provide better servicing experiences for their customers, at the same time, it digitized transaction between companies as well...

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Business To Business Integration Part 2

In the previous blog post, we've shared about the advantages of B2B integration on how it can improvise business efficiency. However, we also bring up that with such dynamic marketplace will such portal be good enough to serve and further improvise...

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Business To Business Integration

B2B Integration

By WebProBiz Team |12 November 2016

B2B (Business to Business) means transaction between business entities. The transaction here means sales of good or products from one company to another. Hence, very often such transaction started from...

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Business To Business Phenomena

The Current B2B Phenomena

By Lawrence Lee |27 September 2016

For a conventional product based company, B2B means the sales of their products usually involved the procurement of their clients. This phenomena usually involved various documents start from initiating an enquiry from clients to the company usually attached with Purchase Requisition, then the company will respond with a quotation...

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Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Under TPPA, 12 countries together has agreed that to widen the horizon of trades between countries, which means helping each other on promote economic growth, enhance innovation and productivity as well as lower the trade barriers among the nations.

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Majority of the growing businesses wouldn’t mind to have more sales for their businesses. As sales generates revenue which leads to profit for the businesses. However, most offline businesses lack of the capacity to generate sales from a different funnel, especially from online.

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