Case Study On B2B E-Commerce Implementation

Case Study on B2B E-Commerce Implementation

Case Study On B2B E-Commerce Implementation

By WebProBiz Solution Team |23 November 2016

B2B E-Commerce wasn’t new in the marketplace, as before B2B E-Commerce existed, there is B2B integration to help digitizing commerce transaction, after B2B E-Commerce existed in the market, companies started to provide better servicing experiences for their customers, at the same time, it digitized transaction between companies as well. Case studies has been conducted across different companies who have implemented B2B E-Commerce across different industries.

1) 3M Inc.

3M Inc. Infographic

3M, a multinational company with thousands of products which ranged from chemical solution, semiconductors, industrial materials, wire and others industrials materials. Those are not the conventional products to be sold on e-commerce platform such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada and etc.

The main reason contributed to such growth is because most of their sales from others business can be easily done online with better e-commerce experiences.

2) Honeywell International Inc.

3M Inc. Infographic

Honeywell, a multinational company as well which supplies products from oil & gas, industrial, personal safety and etc. Like 3M, those products are not conventional to be sold over conventional e-commerce platform.

Reason being Honeywell could gain 20% growth on their B2B E-Commerce sales because it helps them in their global scaling that’s why there is a jump in sales as global customers started to buy from them.

3) Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes Infographic

Baker Hughes, an oil & gas company which specialized in oil field services. It sells huge variety of products to oil & gas producers to make them more efficient. Many of their products are sold online.

For many people, oil and gas industry is something can’t be related to e-commerce. However, there are a lot of possibilities out there which may shock you for the results that can be performed.

4) Medline Industries Inc.

Medline Industries Infographic

Medline Industries Inc is a healthcare companies which supply huge range of healthcare products such as beds, medical equipment, gloves, lab supplies and etc. to hospitals and medical professionals. Similarly, those are the industry which are not common across e-commerce practices. The main reason contributed to successful implementation is because health professionals need constantly re-order products when they run out of inventories and B2B E-Commerce helps them to do it easily.

5) Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc. Infographic

Cummins, a company which specialized in power-related products ranged from engine, power generators, fuel systems, filtration, emission technology and etc. Likewise, such industry may be not that common to be sold over online. However the result shown above it has a whopping 16% of increment on their B2B E-Commerce Sales. It is because the implemented platform provided a mean for their customers to make purchases easier and faster. Most importantly, by leveraging on B2B E-Commerce such as ProBiz Commerce Suite able to optimize their operational capacity with less operational cost.

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