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Probiz Commerce Suites

ProBiz Commerce Suite is a B2B E-Commerce solution which helps corporate to automate their sales process whereby it cut down the durations for customers to place any orders, reduce manual works, improve accuracy, reduce chances of major error, and cut cost. It works perfectly if the business nature has a lot of recurring customers and repeat orders.

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About Webprobiz

We are a team of dedicated and professional IT consultants and developers. We have been in IT industry for over 3 years. Managing and developing different projects ranged from E-Commerce development (especially B2B), Web Application development, Mobile Application development. We provide consultation services for our clients on how to implement their IT solution to blend into their existing business. Besides, we helped different existing IT companies to develop their IT project as well.

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Web Application ▪ Mobile Apps ▪ Big Data Analytics

Web Application Development

Our team are season in terms of web application development. Regardless what type of web application you wanted to build, range from gaming application, business application, social application or even startup MVP. We can help you take care of it. Consult us to understand your requirements, budget, timeline and more.

Mobile Apps Development

We can help you to build mobile application as well, ranging from Android to iOS. Extensive features such as sending startup MVP, social real time chatting element, ordering system, or business mobile application can built. Consult us to understand your requirements, budget, timeline and more.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a group of applications that organization used to analyze organization’s raw data. In BI, it can be separated into different activities. From acquiring data source, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), building data warehouse, building data cube and reports delivery. One of the misconception that most individual has is business intelligence is just a software that build on top of raw data. However, in order to make BI implementation a success, more works are required to be done

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4th Industrial Revolution

Being a smart enterprise, it allows you to have fully automated process from end to end, from sales to order fulfillment. Imagine if today, if anyone were to buy from your business, what do they need is just place their order via your website, without you to do anything, the system automatically input into your ERP system for accounting, logistics and inventory purposes...

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Business to Business Integration Part II

In the previous blog post, we've shared about the advantages of B2B integration on how it can improvise business efficiency. However, we also bring up that with such dynamic marketplace will such portal be good enough to serve and further improvise...

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