ProBiz Commerce Suite

A fully customize B2B e-commerce solution for your business expansion.

ProBiz Commerce Suite

B2B E-Commerce solution which helps corporate to automate their sales process whereby it cut down the durations for customers to place any orders, reduce manual works, improve accuracy, reduce chances of major error, and cut cost. It works perfectly if the business nature has a lot of recurring customers and repeat orders.

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If You're Facing These Problems

  1. Your customer is delaying payment and tell you that the bank is slow at processing and all sort of reason.
  2. You have a lot of repeat customers and repeat orders, results in you have a lot of paper on your desk to the extend you have to hire someone to help you do filing.
  3. You tried your best to do a mass marketing however the media to do marketing is more or less the same and you want something different.
  4. You tried to promote your products in other countries but your products still fresh in oversea markets.
  5. Your staff sends wrong information or invoice or other documents to the wrong clients.

Why ProBiz Commerce Suite

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Reduce Human Error

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Speed Up Sales Process

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Reduct Costing

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New Mean For Marketing

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Capture More Information

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Provide Better Services


Probiz Commerce Suite generally came with the basic feature and customize as needed

Analytics - ProBiz Commerce Suite
  • General & Site Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Cart Analysis
  • Client Analysis
Customer - ProBiz Commerce Suite
  • Wish List
  • Product Listing
  • Comparison Tools
  • Order Management
  • User Dashboard
  • Restricted Access Management
  • Payment Management
  • Company & User Profile Management
Internal User - ProBiz Commerce Suite
  • Order Management
  • Billing Management
  • Product Management
  • Account Management
  • Promotional Tools
  • Company, Client & User Profile Management


  • - We provide promotional tools to aid you to market towards your existing clients.
  • - We enabled integration with your company existing system to automate the process. Manual document entry is no longer needed.
  • - We enabled analytics feature to help you in understanding your clients to help you market better and most importantly, such data will be the basis for you to venture into advanced big data analytics.

How Implementation Work


We strive to understand basic requirements to determine timeline, budget, and project scope. All the requirements, project schedule, budget breakdown and project scope will be documented as supporting documents before development.

Customization, Integration & Testing

Customize ProBiz Commerce to fit into your business process to ensure zero disruption to your existing business flow is our top priority and add on “Must Have” features according your industry practice and standard.

Integration with your existing internal system to fetch products data and send new PO, invoices, SO, DO to your system for recording purposes.

Lastly, testing will be conducted according to test script (Different possible business scenario & extreme case) to ensure all the flows are correct.

Ongoing Support

We provide on going support for probiz commerce suite. In the event, there is an upgrade to ProBiz Commerce Suite. We will get it done for you. On top of that, we can help you to amend the system based on your new requirements.

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