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Web Application Development

Our team are season in terms of web application development. Regardless what type of web application you wanted to build, range from gaming application, business application, social application or even startup MVP. We can help you take care of it. Consult us to understand your requirements, budget, timeline and more.

Mobile Apps Development

We can help you to build mobile application as well, ranging from Android to iOS. Extensive features such as sending startup MVP, social real time chatting element, ordering system, or business mobile application can built. Consult us to understand your requirements, budget, timeline and more.

Big Data Analytics

Business Intelligence is a group of applications that organization used to analyze organization’s raw data. In BI, it can be separated into different activities. From acquiring data source, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), building data warehouse, building data cube and reports delivery. One of the misconception that most individual has is business intelligence is just a software that build on top of raw data. However, in order to make BI implementation a success, more works are required to be done.

Web Application Development

For Web Application Development, there are 2 sides

Client side scripting - Which they so called Web Design. It involved a lot of design works and also normally using Javascript for some programming purposes.

Server side programming – Which involved more server processing, those are more heavier application other than just for display purposes only. For such work normally will be done in PHP, Java, Python or others. Depending the nature and the usage of the web application as well, we will use different language to cater for such usage. As for server side programming, usually are more complex as it involved back end processing. Hence, back end adjustment and tuning are involved.

Mobile Apps Development

For Mobile Apps Development, there are mainly 2 side as well.

Client side User Interface – Which is what normally people seen on their iOS or Android device, the presentation layer which involved more design works as for some OS, certain guidelines must be followed in order for your apps to be published.

Server side programming – similar with web application. Just that it involved more things to be done. As people need to take into consideration of client will be requesting different services from the server to their application. Hence, more workload for the back end.

Big Data Analytics

For Big Data Analytics, we only divide into 2 types.

With data source – which clients have data source ready and they would like to find out more on the underlying pattern of the data.

without data source – Which we will help the clients to acquire data source with extra cost for further analysis.

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